KIMA: The Wave at L’Abri Fondation

Following a week residency at Fondation L’Abri an art institution at the heart of Geneva’s upcoming contemporary art scene, Analema Group presented KIMA: The Wave – as visual representation of sound.

The space of L’Abri Foundation is a resonant chamber with its own properties which reflect or absorb sound. The sound installation forms an immersive field which envelops the listener into sound waves. A site-specific generative sound design by Alain Renaud responds to the space and transforms it at the same time. Alain plays with the notions of standing waves, creating a resonance effect, which can be experienced physically at nodes and antinodes. Alain thus creates a moving sonic field for the audience and Evgenia Emets’ poetry performance, echoing  their voices back into the space.

Evgenia Emets’ poem itself found inspiration in the emergence of language through sound, dwelling on sonic qualities of the words, the juxtaposition between the vowels and consonants, and their interplay.The audience was invited to explore interactive sound and visual elements, which allowed the audience to actively participate in bringing the space alive through sound and vision. Two pieces invited the audience to investigate sound – through exploration of their own voice as real-time representation and by observing interference patterns generated by Tibetan singing bowls. A physical standing wave guided audience into the space – a former WWII bunker.

KIMA: The Wave project consists of two installations. Sound is presented as interference pattern on the one hand side, and machine-learning controlled, complex sound feature extractor on the other. KIMA: The Wave was developed by Analema Group, under Evgenia Emets artistic direction and features sound design by Alain Renaud, sound analysis by Sean Soraghan and visual development by Dario Villanueva. Project management: Katerina Loschinina. Producer: Oliver Gingrich.

KIMA: The Wave at L’Abri Fondation

Estela Merlos about KIMA project at Union Chapel

Estela Merlos is talking about the piece Mare Undarum, which she is creating in collaboration with Analema Group, Claire M Singer and Joby Burgess. It will be performed within KIMA at Union Chapel on 22 March 2015.

Tickets available at…/22-mar-15–kima—music-…/

Analema Group

Estela Merlos about KIMA project at Union Chapel

KIMA – music like you’ve never seen before

22 March 2015 – 20.00 pm, doors 19.00 pm


Analema Group and the Union Chapel Organ Project


KIMA – music like you’ve never seen before


Evolution of Motion, Sound, Geometry and Colour


With special guests:

Claire M Singer – Organ
Joby Burgess – Percussion (Powerplant)
Estela Merlos – Dance
Laura Moody – Cello (Elysian Quartet)
Robert Ames- Viola (LCO)
Emily Burn – Voice (Voice)


KIma Analema Group


Programme (with 2 intervals)


Music for your eyes and ears. Based on a natural phenomena, brought to life using leading technology – KIMA paints music in light on the incredible architecture of the Union Chapel. In collaboration with contemporary music’s foremost talents, Analema Group and the Organ Project present a unique audio-visual performance, centred around the Henry Willis Organ (1877). KIMA at the Union Chapel offers an entirely new way to experience music.

KIMA – ‘wave’ in ancient Greek – interprets music as interplay of light and form, an artistic quest for a new reading of music. The project enables collaborative participation in the process of music making and listening, investigating visual properties of sound.

The project is unique in creating an experience for both musicians and audience alike to feel and see music, to learn about its inner relationship through visual geometric patterns. Claire M. Singer, Joby Burgess, Laura Moody, Robert Ames & Emily Burn explore visual representations of music in Analema Group’s new creation centred around the Henry Willis Organ.

KIMA is a multi-layered, real-time, interactive art piece – based on mathematical equations derived from the physical world around us. Analema Group builds on early sound representation experiments by Skriabin, Kandinsky, Fischinger, Whitney, and other artists – creating a visual exploration of sound as a synaesthetic and physical phenomenon. In collaboration between visual and performing artists, we explore how motion, sound, symmetry and colour interact.

The evening features three improvisations of the organ in collaboration with percussion, dance, viola, cello and voice, performed by outstanding contemporary musicians and a dancer. KIMA questions relationship between music and visual form, movement and structure, colour and light. Union Chapel’s unique carved ceiling becomes a canvas for patterns and colour as properties of sound – transforming each performance into an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

KIMA has been published in Leonardo Journal, SIGGRAPH, EVA Conference and presented at Kinetica Art Fair, Watermans Centre and the International Youth Arts Festival at Kingston.

The Union Chapel Organ Project, Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Hawthorn, CDE, Incloodu, and London Contemporary Orchestra support the event.

KIMA logos


Analema Group


Analema Group is a London based arts collective, a group of artists, researchers, programmers and sound designers. Analema Group acts as a single voice, on the principle of synergy. Analema Group’s core team consists of Evgenia Emets (Artistic Director), Oliver Gingrich (Producer) and Alain Renaud (Sound Designer). Enriched by Marcel Schwittlick and Jackson Taylor, Analema Group aims to create new experiences on the intersection between art and technology.

Analema Group’s mission is to reflect on the nature of perceptual phenomena, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form. Analema Group presents participatory art and music filling the gap between performers and audiences. Developing an art of the future, Analema Group sends participants on a journey, enabling them to go deeper, questioning our senses, touching the boundaries of perception.


Evgenia Emets – Artistic Director
Oliver Gingrich – Producer
Alain Renaud – Sound Design
Marcel Schwittlick – Visualisation
Jackson Tayler – Mapping

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The Henry Willis Organ and the Union Chapel Organ Project

Union Chapel is a Grade I listed building and a stunning example of Victorian Gothic architecture. The unusual octagonally shaped chapel was designed by James Cubitt and dedicated in December 1877. A few weeks later the new organ was inaugurated. Designed and built especially for this space by master organ builder Henry “Father” Willis, the Chapel’s organ is generally recognised as a world-class instrument and its role at the heart of the Chapel was widely celebrated. However over the years it gradually declined and became unreliable. Fortunately, with the support of a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the organ was fully repaired and restored in 2012-13 by Durham organ builders Harrison & Harrison and The Union Chapel Organ Project was launched.

The aim of The Organ Project is to make our Henry Willis Organ more accessible to our local community and beyond – through arts, music and education. Our goal is not only to honour the legacy of this very special instrument by keeping up a regular organ recital diary, but also to programme concerts right across the genre pool, breathing fresh life into the organ by having it performed in styles which have never previously been attempted on a mechanical organ. These concerts continue to demonstrate how versatile the organ can be and that it is not simply a church instrument, but in fact the world’s first synthesizer which can be incorporated into most genres of music. This versatility is also reflected in our education strand for adults and children, which provides an opportunity for people to learn about the organ through their chosen art form.


Music Director – Claire Singer
Project Administrator – Janet Gilbert


Union Chapel, Compton Terrace N1 2UN


Tickets: £10/£7 conc. + advanced booking fee via


KIMA – music like you’ve never seen before

KIMA installation and performance at Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015 at Rich Mix London

KIMA was part of the Incloodu festival at Rich Mix – Deaf Arts Festival. We have presented an installation in collaboration with Robert Jack’s vibration chair. Audience could sit on the chair, sing into the microphones and experience sound as vibration through the surface of the chair and in visual form on the screen.


KIMA installation INcloodu1 copy



In the evening KIMA performance featured Nao Masuda – percussion, Jonathan Cope – voice, and Evgenia Emets – voice.


Performance KIMA INcloodu

KIMA installation and performance at Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015 at Rich Mix London

Starting work on the new Kima with new members of our team!

We are stepping into the New Year with the new very exciting development for Kima project, which will involve us working on some new techniques and with the new members of our team Marcel Schwittlick (Visual Development) and Jackson Tayler (Projection Mapping).

We are grateful for all the amazing opportunities and encounters of the 2014 and looking forward to hours of testing, rehearsals, creative insights and finally our show in March at the Union Chapel!


Kima Union Chapel Analema Group




Kima Union Chapel Analema Group1 test

Starting work on the new Kima with new members of our team!