KIMA: The Wave at L’Abri Fondation

Following a week residency at Fondation L’Abri an art institution at the heart of Geneva’s upcoming contemporary art scene, Analema Group presented KIMA: The Wave – as visual representation of sound.

The space of L’Abri Foundation is a resonant chamber with its own properties which reflect or absorb sound. The sound installation forms an immersive field which envelops the listener into sound waves. A site-specific generative sound design by Alain Renaud responds to the space and transforms it at the same time. Alain plays with the notions of standing waves, creating a resonance effect, which can be experienced physically at nodes and antinodes. Alain thus creates a moving sonic field for the audience and Evgenia Emets’ poetry performance, echoing  their voices back into the space.

Evgenia Emets’ poem itself found inspiration in the emergence of language through sound, dwelling on sonic qualities of the words, the juxtaposition between the vowels and consonants, and their interplay.The audience was invited to explore interactive sound and visual elements, which allowed the audience to actively participate in bringing the space alive through sound and vision. Two pieces invited the audience to investigate sound – through exploration of their own voice as real-time representation and by observing interference patterns generated by Tibetan singing bowls. A physical standing wave guided audience into the space – a former WWII bunker.

KIMA: The Wave project consists of two installations. Sound is presented as interference pattern on the one hand side, and machine-learning controlled, complex sound feature extractor on the other. KIMA: The Wave was developed by Analema Group, under Evgenia Emets artistic direction and features sound design by Alain Renaud, sound analysis by Sean Soraghan and visual development by Dario Villanueva. Project management: Katerina Loschinina. Producer: Oliver Gingrich.

KIMA: The Wave at L’Abri Fondation

KIMA at Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University 9-12 June 2014

ANALEMA GROUP will be exhibiting KIMA at the Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University 9-12 June.

Experience the intrinsic relationship between vision and sound with this interactive art piece. There are two installations; the first immerses you in a purely sonic experience while the other allows you to modify and interact with real time representations of sound. This telepresence setup allows for new experiences of presence, of interaction and of the realm of the audio visual.

KIMA at Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University 9-12 June 2014

A-Field: Analema Group in collaboration with LCI


Market Estate

6 March at 8.00 pm

Ideas behind the Project:

A-Field is an invisible network, live, breathing, constantly shifting shape. Its beauty is unconcieved still omnipresent, imperceptible still manifesting, impersonal still transcending. Pure potentiality is hidden and can be sourced by activating centers of interconnections.

Tuning in with the space working with its qualities is the practice of activating its structure and transforming it through energy interaction. In the basis of this process is conscious recognition of the presence of layers of information and exploration of their qualities.

Manifestation takes the form of an experience, always unique and always enfolded into the total fabric of perception. Sensory systems can be infinitely expanded through observing the roots of reactions.

Description of the Project:

A-Field’ is an interactive immersive light and sound experience, taking place in the central courtyard of the Market Estate. It will run for about an hour and will incorporate live improvised sound in the setting of laser projection and ambient noise as biofeedback of artistic interaction with the moment.

The artist will control the sounds and light, through the real time activity of her brain and heart activity. She will essentially “conduct” the visual and musical score, through an EEG/ECG devices. It will provide a counterpoint to the sounds produced on site live by the musicians.

About Analema Group:

Analema Group is an art group of artists, researches, programmers, sound engineers.  It acts as a single artist, on the principle of synergy, aiming to produce a site-specific phenomenal sonic and visual spatial experience.

For this project Analema Group: Eugenia Emets, Ryan Jordan, Tony Steffert, Gadi Sprukt, Carl Smith, collaborates with LCI and a number of musicians (Ampersand, Ramon Trecu) to carry out a immersive live experience.

About LCI

LCI has been at the forefront of integrated son-et-lumiere production for over three decades. LCI conceives designs and engineers solutions for a truly international client base.

LCI is best known for creating and engineering spectacular evening shows; either “one-off” for special occasions or permanently installed products for theme parks and visitor attractions.

From salt-water marinas to arid deserts, LCI produces shows and events in the most arduous of environments.

LCI holds stocks of waterscreens, fountain systems, full colour lasers, intelligent LED lighting, large format video projectors, sound reinforcement and full show control solutions.

LCI maintains a network of regional project managers that covers its core market zones; the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Hong Kong and China.

With almost forty years of experience in delivering world-class shows, installations and technical solutions, LCI is the first choice for event producers, lead agencies and tourism promoters across the globe.

Mick Grierson

The g.Tec Mobilab Max/MSP Brainwave interface was designed and

developed by Dr Mick Grierson and Matthew Yeeking, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council of England, Finn Peters, and Goldsmiths College, University of London and is used with permission.

Live sound act:

Eugenia Emets

Ramon Trecu


Formed in 2001 in South London, Ampersand experiment with noise. Tracks are improvised and feature pianos carcasses, shell casings, corrugated iron, flaming scaffold and rusted metal sculptures.  Sounds mesh together creating multifaceted abstract music.

A-Field: Analema Group in collaboration with LCI