KIMA: The Wave at Kinetica Museum

Analema Group KIMA 2016 Labri-1-bw.jpg

17-19th of February at Kinetica Museum

Ugly Duck: 47 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL, London


Friday: 4.30pm performance & audience participation
Saturday: 6.30pm performance & audience participation
Saturday: 2pm performance & audience participation
Sunday: 2.30pm presentation & audience participation

Previously shown at Fondation L’Abri Geneva, KIMA: The Wave will be presented at Kinetica’s 10 year jubilee on the 17th-19th of February. For the first time in the UK, KIMA: The Wave shows a development which investigates phenomena of interference, explored by the audience. The audience becomes participant and co-creator of a sonic composition being realised in real time.

KIMA explores visual properties of sound using an audio analysis tool developed by Sean Soraghan. Temporal and dynamic characteristics of sound are represented using visualisation code developed by Dario Villanueva and supported by machine learning algorithms, Sound is translated into visual representations reflecting both the performer’s and audience’s audio input in real-time.

Discounted tickets: HERE Code Perception

General Ticket link HERE

KIMA: The Wave at Kinetica Museum

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