‘KIMA: The Wave’ installation and peformance


presents installation
and performance

at L’Abri Foundation, Geneva

10-11 November 2016



10 November, Thursday:
Opening times: 11.00 – 17.00
Private view: 19.00 – 22.00
Performances at 15.00 and 19.30

11 November, Friday:
Opening times: 15.00 – 22.00
Performance: 19.30
Analema Group talk about KIMA project: 20.00

1, place de la Madeleine – Genève
T. CH 022 777 00 77

RSVP to analema.group@gmail.com



Sound is a complex phenomenon, which can be experienced physically, mentally and emotionally, within our bodies and outside of them. In the project KIMA: ‘The Wave’ at L’Abri Foundation in Geneva, Analema Group will create an experience where vibration of sound can be heard, seen and felt. We explore the phenomena of waves, resonance and interference of sound, through a dynamic spatial sound installation. Visual representation of sound will be introduced to the audience by Evgenia Emets vocal poetry performance. 

The space of L’Abri Foundation is a resonant chamber with its own properties which reflect or absorb sound. The sound installation forms an immersive field which envelops the listener into sound waves. A site-specific generative sound design by Alain Renaud responds to the space and transforms it at the same time. Alain plays with the notions of standing waves, creating a resonance effect, which can be experienced physically at nodes and antinodes. Alain thus creates a moving sonic field for the audience and Evgenia Emets’ performance, echoing their voices back into the space.


Evgenia, a poet and artist, will perform a new piece inspired by her research of the emergence of language and the juxtaposition of poetry and abstract sound. Harmonies of the voice and the Tibetan singing bowls form part of the installation. She will guide the audience across the space to experience differences in sounds through our perception of these spaces and forms of sound. She will invite everyone to explore their own voice through a sound and visual installation developed by Analema Group. Audience members will have a chance to explore sonic spaces in different parts of the building and see their own voice turn into light and geometry. 

Please make the most out of your experience: move around the space, listen, explore different spaces, make sounds, see them reflecting in visual form. Between the performances, microphones are open to audience members to explore sound with their own voices.

‘KIMA: The Wave’ installation and peformance

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