Analema Group Team: who is who?

Following last year successful development for the performance of KIMA at Union Chapel, Analema Group is joined by two new members – Katerina Loschinina and Sean Soraghan.

Below is an intro about each member of Analema Group:

Evgenia Emets, MA Fine Arts Central Saint Martins, founder and Artistic Director of Analema Group has exhibited nationally and internationally.

Oliver Gingrich, EngD Candidate, MA Fine Arts Central Saint Martins. Oliver is Art Director with 10-year-long professional experience. Oliver joined Analema Group in 2011 as Producer.

Alain Renaud, PHD, is a Sound Designer and telepresence expert with extensive experience in networked performances (IRCAM Paris, Siggraph, CCRMA Stanford).

Marcel Schwittlick, a creative coder, visual developer and artist, with a key interest in generative, real-time software development. Following the Union Chapel performance, Marcel continues as Visual Developer as part of Analema Group.

Sean Soraghan, a research-focussed programmer specialising in audio and graphics-based development. Currently completing an EngD involving the research and development of 3D graphics-based interfaces for musical timbre manipulation.

Katerina Loschinina has a background in mathematics and investment banking as well as in organising art performances and art festivals. Katerina contributes with project management and mathematical know-how.

Analema Group Team: who is who?

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