Cymatics Explored: a panel at Convergence Festival, London

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Photo courtesy Convergence festival

Analema Group will present it’s vision of Cymatic research in the project KIMA on 19 MARCH 2016 at Miranda at Ace Hotel Shoreditch

16:00 – 17:00


From Cymatics’ early forefathers, Da Vinci and Galileo, through to the work of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny, the awe-inspiring patterns created by sound vibrations have continued to fascinate modern minds, merging the fields of science, art, and mysticism. Discover the ancient roots of “sound art” through demonstrations and discussions with some of the UK’s leading cymatics researchers and experimentalists.

Moderator: Evan Grant, Artist / Founder, seeper


Evgenia Emets, Artist / Founder, Analema Group
John Telfer, Founder, Cymatic Music / Musician (Sun Ra Arkestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra)
Adam John Williams, Digital Artist / Music Tech Fest Hack Camp Manager

Cymatics Explored: a panel at Convergence Festival, London