Video from Kima at Kinetica 2014 installation

KIMA was setup with two microphones for two sound inputs, used by up to two people at a time. Two sets of headphones present an immersive sound design: each one of the participants can hear one another as well as beautiful spatial arrangements – as if being in a large hall with wonderful acoustics.

Participants experience a real-time visualisation of their sonic collaboration – expressed in cymatic pattern projected on the screen.



Copyright: Analema Group

Video from Kima at Kinetica 2014 installation

One thought on “Video from Kima at Kinetica 2014 installation

  1. Analema at incloodu;

    A unique festival celebrating the arts of the deaf and hard of hearing community returns to Shoreditch for a second year following last year’s successful event.

    The Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival will feature a free day programme of ‘deaf led’ celebrations featuring free family activities, theatre and workshops, followed by performances from comedians and artists including a low frequency soundscape party created by Deaf sound artist Luna Menta, DJ Tofu and Auntie Maureen. Advance tickets for evening performances cost £10.

    Mark Bushell, co-director of Incloodu, said “The purpose of the festival is to elevate people’s awareness of deaf culture in general and to build bridges between the deaf and hearing community.”

    The festival will run on January 24, 2015 at Rich Mix, 35 Bethnal Green Road.

    Incloodu will be accompanied by an exhibition at the Rich Mix gallery from architect Martin Glover and ‘The Roomfactory’ examining designing for deaf space, which is available to view from the23rd until the 31st January

    For more details visit

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