Root A at the RETURN at the House of the Nobleman, London

Eugenia Emets in collaboration with Mohammad Taha

Two opposite forces always fight and balance within oneself. This phenomenon transcends every layer of human existence: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Their endless game forms an ever-evolving multi-dimensional live matrix.

They may fall out of balance and return to perfect equilibrium. Becoming aware of both of them, learning to control these energies is essential to a human as a spiritual being.

Some ancient practices have evolved through centuries to help humans to become conscious of these forces. This project takes inspiration in ancient Dzogchen philosophy originated in Tibet having as its goal total presence in a non-limiting manner in the true nature of mind transcending this reality and beyond.

Meditating on a rotating symbol of swastika brings ones body speech and mind closer to a state of presence and non-division. The sound A is sung by several Dzogchen practitioners with intention of activating conscious presence.

One can think we look at something outside us, which is hypnotizing, stimulating, even seductive. With its beautiful shape a rotating swastika is merely a representation of the vibrations of vortexes that we are composed of. Quantum physics has looked at swastika principle as the embodiment of the standing waves in space (represented graphically as 2D image).

Thus identifying with it is looking through the mirror surface, allowing the concepts of who we are change towards a wider experience. Fractal swastikas in this case enhance the meaning of nested processes, resembling the complex matrix of life.

Concentrate in turn on your solar and lunar energy. Integrate both of these experiences in your heart that is penetrated by the energy of non-dividing awareness.

Emets Eugenia, Mohammad Taha



From the press-release:

‘Following on from the success of last year’s ‘The House of the Nobleman’ art exhibition, curator Victoria Golembiovskaya is pleased to announce her second installment in the series, ‘The Return’, opening 14th-23rd October 2011 at Boswall House, a magnificent 15,000sqft Grade I listed Regency mansion at 2 Cornwall Terrace, overlooking Regent’s Park and the nearby activity of Frieze Art Fair.

One of the largest and most significant privately sponsored art exhibitions held during the Frieze Art Fair, ‘The Return’ explores ideas of the sacred in art, design and contemporary thought, exhibiting rare and previously unseen works from the most prestigious international collections alongside today’s most notable artists and designers.  Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali, Zaha Hadid, Damien Hirst, Claude Monet and Yves Klein are just a few amongst the many represented.

‘The Return’ asks how art can be viewed if the “theological turn” is acknowledged within and parallel to post-modern practice and as an experience beyond pure aesthetic appreciation.  The juxtaposition of works spanning different historical periods and mediums explores religious narratives of revival, rebirth and return as well as related topics of landscape, travel and time.  Each of the exhibition rooms is dedicated to a varying topic where visitors can have an intimate viewing experience with a range of works across the mediums of painting, photography, mixed media, video, sculpture and design.”

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Eugenia Emets: concept, sound, installation

Mohammad Taha: generative animation, installation

Eugenia Emets

Eugenia is visual and sound artist, Artistic Director and founder of the Analema Group. In her work she focuses on exploring the unifying nature of light, sound and matter. She experiments with immersive spatial installations, questioning and pushing the boundaries of human perception. Through photography, video, laser, holographic and sound projection, she creates multisensory environments in which participating audience may have a direct experience of intricate layers of reality, observing one’s own physical, psychic and emotional responses.

With a particular interest in the interactivity of space and artwork, Eugenia has recently worked on several projects, which incorporate various technologies to help create immersive experiences. Some of those projects include: ‘108’ (2006), an installation comprised of photography, video-work and sound, ‘Okean X Forms’ (2007), a laser projection with live ambient music, ‘Elements of Light’ (2008), a video, sound and photography installation, ‘Manta Ray’ a holographic video projection with multichannel sound (in collaboration with Barbara Lambert (sound artist) and Perseus Mandillo (3D artist), with the support of the Musion Systems) (2009), and recent “A-Field” (2010) by Analema Group, a performance commissioned by Market Estate Project which incorporated live improvised sound against a backdrop of a laser projection and ambient noise generated through real time biofeedback of performer interacting with the piece. Eugenia Emets was born in Poltava (Ukraine), in 1979. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art, London in 2008.

Mohammad Rida Taha

Mohammad is a 3D Animation Specialist and Interior Designer from Germany. His work and design has always been the identification and inspiration from within nature. This is why, as the primary driver it has evolved as organic and naturalistic forms. Using light and shadow at specific places to create different levels and layers, he combines the randomness and chaos with the mathematic of nature to explore unique symmetry shapes. Since 2007 he started experiments connecting sound with fractal algorithms resulting in animated shapes.
These investigations have for several years been correspondent with his work in co-writing a fantasy world where one of his working areas is to describe the habitat and wildlife within it. This collaboration constantly challenges and provides him with ways of generating fresh ideas for his artwork.

Mohammad has been awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors approved program in Digital Animation at the University of West London 2011. At the Digital Stages // Exploring Technology in Performing Arts he presented his first Fractal Animation as a selected artist 2011. He was also awarded the Degree for “Staatlich geprüfter Assistent für Innenarchitektur” at the Blocherer Schule in Germany.

Mohammad is also known as SirAlien.

Root A at the RETURN at the House of the Nobleman, London